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Elio Tour – Georgia!

Hello Elio’ers!  We wrapped up in Rome, GA last Thursday with Vice President of Sales Jerome Vassallo presenting at the Confluence Conference. Or, better known to the social media users at the event, #confluencerome. The conference

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Elio Catch Up Friday

Happy Friday Elio friends and family! We hope you are all staying warm as most of the country is experiencing abnormal cold (and snow in the north east – Boston!). Spring is just around the

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Elio Tour – Coming to Georgia and Nebraska!

Hello Elio’ers! For the next couple of weeks we’re in Georgia.  We’ll be featured at the Confluence Conference, a technology symposium meant to inspire and innovate. Vice President of Sales, Jerome Vassallo will speak this Thursday

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Tech Talk v55 – Time to take notice!

We’re Innovating to Change the World…and the World is Taking Notice Innovation. Here’s how it’s defined at Dictionary.com: Something new or different introduced: The act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods. Elio Motors

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