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The Structure of the Elio

In many ways, a vehicle can be compared to the human body. Like the body, vehicles are made up of a variety of different components and systems working together to make one cohesive unit. Just

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Odds and Ends…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for many Americans and we hope this blog finds everyone in the affected areas safe and with minimal impact. These storms have wreaked havoc, yet

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Safety First…

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Safety First.” For many of us, this adage was introduced early on in childhood and is largely abandoned once we reach adulthood. At Elio Motors, safety first is not

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Engine Follow-Up

Happy Friday Elio’ers! The last week couple of weeks has seen several natural disasters affect many of our fellow Americans and it looks like another weather system is heading our way. In trying times, we

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Engine Questions, Answered

Of the thousands of components that come together to make a vehicle operational, the engine is often viewed as the most important. Fittingly, it also tends to generate the most questions. In case you missed

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Labor Day

Happy Friday Elio’ers! You may have noticed that this blog is reaching your inbox a little earlier than the average Friday Blog. You might just ask yourself, why? We figure that many of you probably

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