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The Beauty of Simplicity

From the advent of the internet, everyday technology has progressed at breakneck speeds. Every few years, a new device or item presents itself as a game-changer. There is no denying that these developments have brought

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Shreveport, Snow Tires, and More…

Happy Friday Elio’ers! First, a quick public service announcement: you have 17 days to finish (or start, as the case may be) your holiday shopping. A word to the wise, if you occasionally have to

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Gas or Electric?

As automakers continue to turn their focus to different power sources, we are regularly asked if the Elio will utilize alternative sources of power. The first model of the Elio will be gas powered for

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It’s “Snow” Problem

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Have you ever been reading something, say a newspaper or magazine article, and by the end of a certain sentence your eyes involuntarily do a double take because something stood out to

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The Sum of Our Parts

These days, finding cars that can legitimately claim the distinction of being “Made in America” is not an easy endeavor. In fact, when Cars.com attempted in 2015 to compile a list of new models that

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Being Thankful

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, aren’t still too full, and ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend. For those of you that might be reading this on your phone while

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