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Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you’re always on the lookout for an excuse to celebrate, July 28th should be circled on your calendar. Fittingly for the summer season, today is National Hamburger Day. So, if you were looking for an excuse to fire up the grill, call up a couple of friends, and chow down on a good All-American hamburger you’ve got one. Not a meat eater? No worries, because today is also National Milk Chocolate Day. If you’re a carnivore that happens to also have a sweet tooth, today is your lucky day.

Last week’s blog covered two important topics: how to insure and finance your Elio. As always, our observant supporters sent in some astute follow-up questions. Here are a few of the most popular follow ups:

Q: I called my local insurance agent and they said they will not insure (or haven’t heard of) the Elio. Will I have an issue insuring the Elio?

A: The short answer is no. The long answer is, you will have no problems insuring the Elio. Simply put, insurance companies are not in the habit of turning away business. Your local insurance agent might not know about us yet, but we are in discussions at the corporate levels of all the major insurance companies. By the time your Elio is ready for pickup, your insurance agent might even know more about the Elio than you do!

Q: Can I start making payments on the Elio now?

At this stage, a reservation up to $1,000 is the most you can put toward your vehicle. If you have an All-In upgrade below the $1,000 level, here’s the link to upgrade.

Q: When can I begin the financing process for my Elio?

Every reservation holder will have a unique log in for all reservation matters. About 60 days before your Elio is ready, you will be able to log in to this account and begin making preparations for taking delivery of your Elio. One feature will include picking all of your options through e:Plus. Another feature will allow you to begin the financing process! This will include selecting the type of financing that best fits your situation, as well beginning the necessary paperwork.

We hope that this clears up some questions! Of course, feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions.


Thanks for your support and enjoy National Hamburger and Milk Chocolate Days!

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